Sunday, December 30, 2012

Being creative for Christmas!

I really have enjoyed being creative, whether it is with food, crafty stuff, decorating, or whatever! For Christmas I decided to make a menu for the whole day for Chris, since we already had our Christmas celebrations with our family!
So I started our morning off with mimosas, waffles, and scrambled eggs!
Ellie then enjoyed opening up her stocking! It was pretty funny and she enjoyed the treats she got.
 Yummy mussels for lunch! I whipped up some lemon pasta to go with them!
 Then, I've always wanted to make a cake to celebrate Jesus' birth, so I did with my new Bundt cake pan! A wonderful Red Velvet Bundt! I served it with some cream cheese frosting too!
It really has been a wonderful holiday season and really enjoyed doing this for Chris! It's been a wonderful week off from work and I'm looking forward to having another one off! I will continue to relax, but have some things on my to-do list also!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Here we go..

I am really going to attempt this again..a year ago..geez! But that is life! So, I am going to do my best to post things on here that I do, the cooking, crafting, gardening, working, loving, etc...Don't get your hopes up, but I'm going to try.

Really, really, try!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Time!

Our beautiful Christmas tree! I didn't realize how many snowmen ornaments I have! It sure is fun to look at. I also love the fact that you can see it from all over the house, due to how open our house is.

A view into our dinning room!

It is fun having a stairs, I've always wanted to decorate the stairwell for the holidays!

Not only has it been like Christmas unpacking everything, it has been a blast decorating for Christmas!

Our New Home!

God has taught me to be very patient..for 2 1/2 years to wait to get a new home. We were blessed to have a place to rent during that time, but it was sure a growing time too. I've been made to realize how the little things are so special and what is truly important. It has been hard and not what I thought, but what we have now is so wonderful. I think that is life, you go on a roller coaster ride to be stretched and taught things so you can be more like Christ and to really get a grip on what to focus on.

It is amazing how waling into our new house how it just felt like it was meant to be. We really lucked out by moving into a great neighborhood too! One of the first things I noticed was that people wave at you when you walk or drive by. They even roll up your trash or recycling bin when they've come around to pick it up! They even have potlucks once a month or so for all the neighbors to get together to have that community aspect in the neighborhood.

I've always wanted a window above my kitchen sink..I do now. It's fun to look out at my future garden, Ellie checking out her new big backyard, and the birds..making sure they aren't getting into my flowers and veggies that are growing! The dinning room is dreamy, with the two french doors that open up to the side yard. That is where Chris and I set up our hammock. It will be a place that we'll truly enjoy laying on a nice day, taking a nap or reading a good book!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5th Anniversary!

My husband Chris planned a trip for us to go to San Diego for our 5th anniversary this past weekend! It was a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed eating at several yummy restaurants.
Gaetano's Italian Restaurant was a place we randomly found while stopping in Alpine, CA to miss rush hour traffic. It was a yummy place and we enjoyed a pizza with pepperoni and shrimp on it! Then we got to our hotel room and hung out with our friends Katie and Jeremy who came along with us. Chris got a dozen red roses for our hotel room, it was very sweet and romantic of him! Our hotel room was very nice and it out looked the golf course. It had a nice patio where I spent some of my time reading. There were a lot of bird of paradise around the patio so I had many hummingbirds come to visit. Oh, and our hotel room was 311, which is our anniversary date! March 11th!

The first morning I went to check out the place while the guys were out golfing. I got a mocha from their Starbucks coffee stand and checked out the spa, pool area, dinning area, and tennis courts. It was a really nice place and hope we will get to go there again in the near future. Later in the evening we all went out to get appetizers and drinks at En Fuego and then enjoyed a yummy italian dinner at Il Fornaio. Then we had a fun time going to the heated pool and Jacuzzi when we got back to the hotel.

Sunday I got up early to go to the spa to enjoy a wonderful massage and facial! They were wonderful and I felt like mush afterward. Katie and I then hung out by the pool after we had a yummy breakfast. I took an hour and a half long nap after that..I was totally relaxed from the spa. That evening we went to Jake’s Del Mar a popular fish and California cuisine restaurant for dinner. The tomato soup I had was to die for and I had a great seafood pot for dinner. Everyone had something great to eat, we couldn’t complain. To end our evening we hung out by the fire pit and enjoyed a drink and each others company.

To conclude our trip we took a drive to Pacific Beach and had breakfast. Chris and I then got smoothies to enjoy while walking down the boardwalk and the pier. It was fun watching the surfers and we were amazed at how busy the beach was for a Monday. It was a wonderful weekend and I’m very grateful to be married to such a great guy. Looking forward to many more wonderful years together!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Funny thing..

It's a funny thing that I seem to always come back here in February and post a blog that I'm going to try to be better at this..but then another year passes by and I haven't written a darn thing!

Well, I certainly hope to be better with it. I gave it a fresh new background in hopes that will pull me back here. Life is good, have a great class this year..still madly in love with my husband.

I hope soon in life I will have more exciting things to write about then the everyday things..we hope to get a house or some new dwelling place. We plan to travel this spring and I hope to have stuff to share about that trip- we're going to celebrate our 5th anniversary! Wow, 5 years. Then it will be summer and who knows what that will bring..trips, maybe a summer job, and who knows what!

I'm just glad because I got pretty sick this past week and so glad to be feeling better now. Not 100% yet, but so much better than before. Okay, it is time for me to get ready for bed and start my work week!

Hope to come back and write soon!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A goal of mine..even though it's already February, is to be better about writing here and posting pictures of things that are going on in life!

I'm really going to try to be better..because the last time I wrote here was last year in February!